Daisy Day at a Time
An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey
to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond
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Day at a Time by Mary Anne Barothy

Mary Anne took our library patrons on a wonderful sentimental journey with Doris Day. It was as if we were in Hollywood making the memories with her! Everyone wishes that the program could have continued another hour!

- Patti Davis, Eckhart Public Library, Auburn, Indiana

If you are looking for a good adult program we just had Mary Anne Barothy, an interesting speaker and author of the book "Day At A Time - An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond." She was Doris Day's secretary in the 1970's and lived in her home for a few years.

She has detailed stories and pictures and it was fun for everyone who attended. I highly recommend her for a public library program, especially for those who remember Doris Day in her heyday.

- Marsha Patterson, Bremen Public Library, Bremen, Indiana

Anyone who has admired a movie star can relate to Mary Anne  Barothy's story of how she moved to Los Angeles and met Doris Day - one of the top-ranking female box office stars of all time and America's sweetheart for many years. Mary Anne's deeply personal account of her years living with and working for one of the most famous movie stars of all time reminds us that dreams really can come true and movie stars are not very different than the rest of us.

- Joseph H Girven, Executive Director, Carnegie East House, NYC, NY

Day At a Time is no tell-all. In fact, it's an all-inclusive glimpse into an undreamable reality as lived by one of Doris Day's most ardent fans-turned-friend, employee and confidante. Mary Anne Barothy shares her true admiration and warmth for Doris Day via personal photos and anecdotes.

The Indiana girl's Sentimental Journey reminds us all of why we collectively fell in love with Doris Day to begin with...she's more than a star, more than the All-American girl personified. Doris Day is the real deal.

- Jim Raposa, Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality, "The Jim Raposa Show" and "Frank & Friends"

Day at a Time: An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond (Hawthorne Publishing) is a positive, interesting memoir that contains many anecdotes about the star, celebrities she knew and events in her career. It was an important time in Doris Day's life: she had just lost her husband Marty Melcher; her son was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident; she was fighting to regain the fortune that had been lost by an unscrupulous agent; and she was completing her TV series. This well-told story will capture the hearts of the tens of thousands of fans of this woman who was recently voted the most popular film actress of all time.

- Turner Classic Movies

"Day at a Time" is a well-written memoir that takes a look at life with a major Hollywood star in the early '70s. Mary Anne Barothy became a Doris Day fan as a young Indianapolis girl, traveled to California to meet her and eventually became her secretary for four years. The author takes the reader along on her dramatic yet often comical "sentimental journey" that had Ms. Barothy wearing many hats while working for Miss Day. Most of all, it's a book about a young woman's dream-come-true job and serves as an inspiration for others to follow their aspirations.

- Rita Rose, Former Book Editor, The Indianapolis Star

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